Prosecco DOC Frizzante Col Fondo

100% glera
Alc 11%

Here we are getting traditional.

“Col Fondo” is the ancestor of Prosecco and it is made as our grandfathers did.

We start from a base white wine made with Glera grapes and make it ferment for a second time directly in the bottles, without any disgorging. The yeasts remain in the bottle forming a deposit on the bottom.

The long contact with the yeasts makes this Prosecco particularly savoury, with a fresh bread aroma and a delicate perlage.

That creates a unique combination with the mineral feeling of our wines from Venice mainland vineyards. They are all planted on Caranto soil, a compact maritime clay stratification with calcareous nodules, which started forming in the Pleistocene era (don’t try to count back, it was between 11 thousand and 2,5 million years ago). If you want to learn more, you can visit our Venice mainland estate page.

We suggest letting the deposit lay down before serving, but (if you are feeling wild) you can decide to pour the wine slightly turbid as it is.

Caranto, pleistocene origin
Pale straw yellow with typical veiling of the sur lie fermentation
Pleasant hints of green apple, white peach. A splash of citrus on mineral background.
On the palate it is sapid, pasty, fresh and harmonious. Floral and fruity, with slight bread crust aromas.
The contact with the yeasts on the bottom makes it soft. Pleasant as an aperitif, it can be served as well throughout the meal paired with delicate dishes. Try it with fried calamari and shrimps. Ideal also in combination with dishes rich in fats, such as mountain cheeses and cold cuts. Its versatility makes it an interesting match with spicy Asian cuisine.

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