Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia

100% pinot grigio
Alc 12,5%

Clear as white wine, almost structured as red.

Pinot Grigio found its paradise in Venice mainland, where our vines drain their nourishment from Caranto soil, a compact maritime clay stratification with calcareous nodules, which started forming in the Pleistocene era (don’t try to count back, it was between 11 thousand and 2,5 million years ago). If you want to learn more? Visit our Venice mainland estate page.

This wine is white, but Pinot Grigio actually looks pink. After the grapes are pressed, we take the skins off the juice before they start to release their colour.

Our Pinot Grigio is rich, dry and savoury, with fruity aromas of fresh pears and apples, mixed with floral nuances.

It’s a diplomatic wine. It gets along with fish, white meat, and vegetables… And if you prefer to pair with something else, it will work anyway.

Caranto, pleistocene origin
Straw yellow
Fruity and mineral with hints of apple and white flowers
Fruity and savory, full bodied and elegant in the mouth
Excellent as an aperitif wine, Pinot Grigio pairs well with delicate starters. Perfect with rice and pasta dishes, terrific with fish and seafood

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