Awareness, pleasure and quality

History is a good teacher. We have learned that the land does not belong to us. We live it then we leave it, therefore we must preserve it for the next generations.

Environmental awareness is what we keep in our mind, while taking care of our vineyards and working in the cellar.

Pleasure is crucial, when it comes to the glass. Wine is that liquid caress, that fresh push to your food, that relaxing treat you deserve, both on a hard day and in a special moment, or just whenever you feel like.

Pleasure is the surface, it’s the first thing you will find in our wines. Underneath it, there is something really good, made with extreme care and safety, from the vineyard to the bottle. That’s what we call quality.

Organic wines

No pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. We take care of our vineyards with natural products and use cover crops between each row. That attracts bees and pollinators and enriches the soil.

Biodiversity is not only a matter of what we see on the ground, it actually lives inside it. Microorganisms, insects, invertebrates and all those living creatures do help our vines grow their own defences. We want our vines to live in a living environment and work to make it possible.

We strive to pick grapes at the right time and bring them into the cellar in perfect conditions. Indigenous yeasts and the best technologies help us lower intervention, lower sulfites and make lovely wines.

To make this clearer, all of our wines are organic certified according to the European regulations.

Biodynamic wines

Grape vines are just a part of a living system and our estates are like living beings in a living universe.

Our vineyards are not a factory, they are a part of a farming system, including animals and other crops. Our horses, cows, chickens and pigs love living here. Wildlife loves it too.

Everything we use to take care of our biodynamic vineyards in Venice mainland is made in the estate and everything we waste is a resource. We reuse it, recycle it, revitalise it.

Steiner’s thought made simple sounds more or less like this. It’s not actually as easy as it looks like. It means a huge effort, a lot of work and plenty of time spent on the farm, but we like it, because it means respect, sustainability and perspective.

Part of our wines are Demeter certified as well.

Just sip, relax and enjoy.